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BEE Green Realty, LLC

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Green building is environmentally responsible while reducing the overall impact on human health and our natural environment. It will ensure Economical, Durable, Healthier more Sustainable life cycle of a home. What better time to incorporate green into distressed properties. Efficiently using energy, water & other resources is the direction we should all be focused on. Any type of building has the potential to become a green or sustainable building.

About Bee Green Realty, LLC’s Owner—Peggy Christ

I am Peggy Christ, a broker and the owner of BEE Green Realty, LLC. I’m a native of Buffalo, NY, and I have lived in Bradenton since 1988. I have more than 40 years of experience in real estate development and over 7 years’ experience working with commercial and multifamily properties in Houston, Texas.

I am passionate about empowering everyone I come in contact with to make green choices and help improve homes and the environment. I work to ensure that people recognize the financial and environmental benefits of green efforts. To assist me in this endeavor, I have the following designations:

Peggy Christ