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Green building is environmentally responsible while reducing the overall impact on human health and our natural environment. It will ensure Economical, Durable, Healthier more Sustainable life cycle of a home. What better time to incorporate green into distressed properties. Efficiently using energy, water & other resources is the direction we should all be focused on. Any type of building has the potential to become a green or sustainable building.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™: Planting Trees for the Suncoast

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™: Planting Trees for the Suncoast

Join us for one of five workshops to celebrate National Arbor Day, learn the right trees for your location and proper care, and receive a sapling to transplant.

Date: Apr 11, 19, 22 or 28
Time: Afternoon or Evening
Location: In-person or Webinar
Cost: Free



Apr 11 2023


1:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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